Monday, December 10, 2007

Laser Tag

A few weeks ago, my brothers and sisters were all in to laser tag. We had alot of fun "shooting" each other, even though the laser was invisible. So I thought it would be neat to put a laser on a picture using Blender. That is my sister, Emily holding the gun. I made the laser following a tutorial. Let me know what you think!


Matt said...

I've always wanted to play laser tag. Was it fun?
The laser looks nice! How did you do it? I tried to do that once but it didn't look right.

Joshua ><> said...

Laser tag really is alot of fun!actually,we drained the batteries of all our guns because we played it so much!
I just followed the tutorial to make the laser. I can send you the .blend file, if you want to look at it.