Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Me and my friend Matthew are working on a LEGO animation together, so I've been working on making faces and shirts for our mini figures. Matthew sent me a base minifigure, and here is what I made with that! I made the LEGO logo using Bezier curves, and a picture of the LEGO logo as a background image. Maybe sometime I can make a small tutorial on that. I attached the faces and shirts on the LEGO people using UV image textures. Let me know what you think!


Bob and Cindy Cole said...

That looks great, Josh! Very impressive. Now, go fold your laundry :)


Anonymous said...

Wow,that's cool! You did a great job on that logo.

Travis said...

Hey Joshua!
Travis Henry here. I am D'Ann Bollinger nephew, and I found your blog through your moms. I couldn't help but notice you like animation, so I thought you might enjoy this. It was created by the Botkins, the ones of Vision Forum fame.

Happy New Year!
Travis Henry