Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry CHRIS†mas!

Merry Christmas everyone! These are a few Christmas pictures I made. The snowman one I actually did a while ago. It was a pretty easy one to make! The next I made just tonight. I copied the bell from the movie The Polar Express. I'm not sure if it looks quite like it though. The last one is a "toy" nativity scene. I might make it into a small animation or story someday. I putting a poll on my blog to ask you which Christmas picture is you favorite. Remember, click on the picture you want to see to get a closer look. The poll will help me decide what other pictures I'll make next year! Feel free to leave a comment!



Bob and Cindy Cole said...

Josh, you are so creative! These pictures are great!!

Matt said...

Wow, you've been busy! :-) They all look great! I like the nativity best. The little people look great! You did a great job modelling them. I like the material on the bell, also.

Katie Marie said...

I can't vote because Matthew already did on this computer, but I'd pick the nativity. The people remind me of a favourite nativity set that we had when we were little. Nice job!