Saturday, January 5, 2008

Leocad & Wood Workshop

Sorry I haven't posted all year long, but here I am.

Recently, I have downloaded two new softwares on our computer. The first is Wood Workshop. It is a software that can make amazing seamless wood textures, that can convert into tileable form. I'm able to use these pictures as image textures for Blender. In fact, the bell picture I made for Christmas has a wood texture that I made from Wood Workshop. here is a screen shot:

The next thing I downloaded is Leocad. It is a software that a digital Lego designer. I really like the Minifig wizard. It helps you configure and make your own Minifigure. The reason why I downloaded Leocad is I will be able to import those bricks and people into Blender! Anyway here is another screen shot:

In case anyone was wondering, these softwares are both 100% free!

Right now, I'm working on a Lego movie with my friend Matthew. We started another blog to post about the movie there the URL is We haven't started much yet, though.

That's it for now! I'll try to post a little more regular from now on.


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Anonymous said...

Joshua! You haven't posted all year! Neither have I. :-)

Make sure that when you import your minifigs that you use plain faces and clothing. We can add the textures in Blender. The reason why is because it will actually construct the textures and the face doesn't work right. Actually, now that I think of it the whole minifigure is messed up when you import it. That's why I spent a LONG time one day fixing one of them up. I might just be easier if use that same minifigure that I gave you and change the colors and add textures.