Wednesday, March 12, 2008


My sister, Bethany, tagged me a few days ago. The rules are to list 7 facts about yourself, and tag 7 different blogs. Okay, here I go!

  1. I have almost the entire book of Jonah memorized (NIV)

  2. I fell off a 9' pool slide and landed on concrete when I was 3 and I didn't even get a scratch

  3. One of my favorite hobbies is codes and ciphers

  4. I can move my ears

  5. I've never had stitches, broken bones, or insect sting

  6. My family is related to Jesse James

  7. As far as I know, I've never ever been in K-Mart

Okay, I can't tag 7 different blogs, because first, all my family has already been tagged by my sister. Second, I don't look at 7 different blogs! So I'm just able to tag my friend Matthew's blog.

Sorry, I really only look at his blog! If there's anyone else that has a blender blog, let me know!

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ZettaGeek said...

Hey Joshua,

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