Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas Pictures

I know, it's a little late for Christmas pictures, but I thought I would show them to you anyway! The wise men one wasn't that difficult at all, since I made those wise men last year, all I had to add was the ground. The second one is of those ornament Christmas trees that you see in many stores. The last one was probably the most difficult. I built that custom designed sleigh on MLCad. that probably took the most time!

What is some of your New Years Resolutions? I haven't really made any. except I'm going to study my bible more often.

Please pray for my sister, Bethany. She had her wisdom teeth taken out on the 30th. she is starting to feel better now, but please pray for her.

Well, that's about it. I'll try to post again soon!


1 comment:

Matt said...

Cool pics! I like the lego one. The composition and lighting is very nice and you did a great job on the snow. How did you do the letters? They're awesome! :-)
I didn't make anything for Christmas this year... :-(

I haven't really made any new year's resolutions either. However, I would like to build better relationships with those around me like my family and friends etc. Also I would like to learn to study my Bible better and more often like you said.

btw, wasn't that tedious arranging all those little balls?